Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked


A perfect performance (100) - No one is as good as you. Get 5 Stars in a single song.
Go Nuts! (100) - Solo mode is the time to go crazy! Go nuts and get the best score.
It went a little like this... (100) - Come along for the ride and complete a song in Story mode.
Power Performer (100) - Show off your smooth moves and get 4 Munkpowers in the same song.
atron of the Arts (100) - C'mon! Spend those Stars and buy up all the items for all the Chipmunks.
Big Spender (100) - Make sure your Chipmunk look stylish and buy up all the items for it.
Everyone grab a partner! (100) - Dancing by yourself is good, dancing with a partner is better! Complete a song in Coop mode.
Simply the Best (200) - You are the absolute best. Only one way to prove it: get 5 Stars in all songs.
The Whole Story (100) - Get to know the full story and complete Story mode.


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