Hands-On (10 points)
5 Grapple Kills.

Man Handle (15 points)
50 Grapple Kills.

Death Grip (20 points)
250 grapple kills.

Fatal Touch (30 points)
500 grapple kills.

Shish Kabob (10 points)
Impale an enemy.

Enemy Appetizers (30 points)
Impale 100 enemies.

Now You See It, Now You Don't (10 points)
Disarm an enemy.

Master Looter (30 points)
Disarm 100 enemies.

Rock of Ages (30 points)
Kill 100 enemies by boulder throw.

Free Fall (10 points)
Kill an enemy by death fall.

Death Rain (30 points)
Kill 100 enemies by death fall.

Slice 'n Dice (10 points)
100 dismemberments.

Chop Shop (20 points)
500 dismemberments.

Meat Market (30 points)
1000 dismemberments.

Parry Farm (10 points)
Perform every parry kill move.

Parry Assassin (15 points)
100 parry kills.

Parry King (20 points)
200 parry kills.

Chained Attacker (10 points)
Combo Counter reaches 100.

Chain of Fools (20 points)
Combo Counter reaches 325.

Mob Massacre (15 points)
Kill 5 or more enemies simultaneously.

Treasure Seeker (10 points)
Find 5 treasure chests.

Treasure Hunter (20 points)
Find 50 treasure chests.

Filthy Rich (30 points)
Find all treasure chests.

Noble Conan (10 points)
Save a Maiden.

Triumvirate Seeker (10 points)
Activate 5 rune triumvirates.

Triumvirates United (20 points)
Activate all rune triumvirates.

The Legendary Set (10 points)
Collect all armor pieces.

Mighty Conan (30 points)
Complete the game on Hard mode.

Master Conan (50 points)
Complete the game on King mode.

Bill of Health (20 points)
Find all Health Meter power-ups.

Armored Up (20 points)
Find all Power Meter power-ups.

Adrenaline Rush (20 points)
Find all Song of Death meter power-ups.

Master Swordsman (10 points)
All one-handed blade attacks mastered.

Master Dual Wielder (10 points)
All dual wield attacks mastered.

Master Two-Handed Swordsman (10 points)
All two-handed blade attacks mastered.

Bring out the Gimp (15 points)
Kill at least 25 enemies during the Giant Squid boss battle.

Losing His Mind (20 points)
Decapitate a captain with a shield.

Untouchable (40 points)
Complete a mission without taking any damage.

High and Mighty (10 points)
Score 20,000 points in a level.

The Bloody Crown (40 points)
Score 100,000 total points.

Strength of 10 men (40 points)
Kill 10 or more enemies simultaneously.

Demon Slayer (20 points)
Defeat the Elephant Demon in the Kush caves and obtain The Ward of the Abyss.

Defeat Cleaver's Army (10 points)
Defeat the Bone Cleaver and his army in Barachan Isles and obtain The Ward of Fire.

Dragon Slayer (10 points)
Defeat the Sand Dragon in the lost city of Shem and obtain The Ward of the Earth.

Snake Charmer (20 points)
Defeat the Sorceress Queen in Stygia and obtain The Ward of Souls.

My Hero (20 points)
Save all maidens.

Sink the Squid (30 points)
Defend the ship and defeat the Giant Squid.

Who's your Daddy? (30 points)
Defeat the Bone Cleaver in Argos and obtain The Ward of the Departed.

Rest In Peace (40 points)
Send Graven into the Netherworld in the Ocean Ruins and complete the game.






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