Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

A Lethal Portent (10)
Explore the abandoned hospital and Baker's fate...

Abandon All Hope (150)
Expel the German forces from Koevering and bring an end to Operation Market Garden.

Action Camera Blast (10)
Unlocked when you trigger an Action Camera moment using an explosive

Action Camera Hero (40)
Unlocked when you trigger 25 of any kind of action camera moment

Action Camera Sniper (10)
Unlocked when you get the headshot Action Camera

Action Camera Veteran (20)
Unlocked when you get 10 of any kind of Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others)

Anti-Tank (10)
Destroyed an enemy tank.

Assault! (10)
Ordered your squad to Assault the enemy 5 times.

Basic Training (10)
Ordered your squad to fall-in, move and attack.

Bunker Buster (10)
Destroyed a sandbag emplacement with a bazooka team

Calling in the Cavalry (30)
Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Airborne.

Casual Capturer (0)
Unlocked after completing your first four player capture game

Committed (50)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a week for three months

Dig in (45)
Killed 25 enemies while using cover

Earned in Blood (0)
Unlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round

Enemy Arms (10)
Captured and fired a German MG42

First Recon (10)
Find and activate a Recon Point

Focused (25)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a day for 7 days

Hellfire (35)
Survive the bombing of Eindhoven.

Kilroy Bronze (15)
Find nine Kilroys

Kilroy Gold (25)
Find 25 or more Kilroys

Kilroy Silver (20)
Find eighteen Kilroys

Kilroy was here! (10)
Find and view a hidden kilroy

Novice Capturer (0)
Unlocked after completing five capture games (minimum four players per game)

Objective SNAFU (20)
Fight your way to the bridge over the Wilhelmena Canal in Zon.

Obsessive (100)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game for once a day for 100 days

Recon Bronze (15)
Find six Recon Points

Recon Gold (25)
Find sixteen or more Recon Points

Recon Silver (20)
Find twelve Recon Points

Remember September '44 (50)
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th.

Situation FUBAR (50)
Defend Hell's Highway against the German counterattack.

Squad Kills (10)
Helped your squad earn 20 kills

Suppressive Fire (10)
Suppressed an enemy.

The Draft (0)
Unlocked when you are joined by a friend in an online match

The Four F's (10)
Used your squad to Suppress and Flank the enemy 10 times

The Kloosterdreef Incident (25)
Battle through the streets of Eindhoven with the 506th.

Through the Looking Glass (40)
Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Baker's fate...

Tons of Fun (10)
Killed 5 enemies with the hull of a tank

Touchdown (15)
Clear the Landing Zone and rendezvous with Hartsock.

Truly Inspired (0)
Unlocked when you win a match under a commander with the Earned in Blood achievement

Veteran Capturer (0)
Unlocked after completing 20 capture games (minimum four players per game)

Victory or Death (0)
Unlocked by killing someone who has the Truly Inspired achievement

Weather the Storm (45)
Repel Kampfgruppe Walther's crushing attack on Veghel.


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