Battlestations: Pacific



Advantage (5) - Use the naval supply manager to activate a naval supply.
Against the Odds (10) - Sink a stronger enemy ship than your ship.
Airborne Invasion (10) - Capture a base by using paratroopers.
Armchair Admiral (10) - Win an online Island Capture session using the map screen only to attack units or emplacements.
Banzaaai! (15) - Crash into an enemy ship while flying at least 600km/h.
Broadside Kill (15) - Sink an enemy ship with your cruiser in 15 seconds.
Conqueror (20) - Win 50 online sessions.
Deadly Accuracy (15) - Cause 20 magazine explosions with dive bombers.
Death from Below (15) - Sink an enemy battleship with your submarine.
Disembarkation (5) - Capture a base by using landing ships.
Don't Mess with the Big Boys (10) - Sink a hostile carrier with your battleship.
Double Whammy (15) - Damage at least two targets in one bombing run.
Fighter Ace (15) - Destroy 5 enemy planes in less than 30 seconds without losing your fighter plane.
Fist of the Empire (20) - Participate in 25 online sessions as the Japanese.
Flat-top Commander (15) - Send 50 planes into the air with the support manager.
Fleet Commander (50) - Reach the rank of Lieutenant.
Flying Fish (5) - Land on the water with a seaplane or flying boat.
Frontline Admiral (10) - Win an online Island Capture session without switching to the map screen.
Hat-trick (15) - Achieve 3 torpedo hits with the same torpedo bomber.
Head of the Fleet (100) - Reach the rank of Fleet Admiral.
Hero of Midway (10) - Played Battlestations Midway.
Island Hopping (30) - Win every Island Capture map at least once.
I've Changed My Mind (10) - Land manually on an airfield or carrier with a kamikaze squadron.
Long-range Gunnery (15) - Destroy an enemy ship which is over 2800 meters away using a battleship.
Marianas Turkey Shoot (10) - Destroy 20 enemy planes in the Battle of the Philippine Sea.
National Hero (50) - Participate in 100 online sessions as the US.
National Veteran (20) - Participate in 25 online sessions as the US.
Overwhelming Force (25) - Complete the Japanese Campaign on Any difficulty.
Past Memories (10) - Destroy both Henry's ship and Donald's plane in Pearl Harbor.
Preventive Strike (10) - Sink the US Battleship before the reinforcements arrive in Solomons' Skirmish.
Pure Gold (10) - Get your first gold medal.
Queen Sacrifice (10) - Sink the abandoned Hornet in the Battle of Santa Cruz.
Repair for your Life (10) - Survive being fatally damaged by retaining minimal health.
Rising Sun (60) - Complete the Japanese Campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Shock and Awe (25) - Complete the US Campaign on Any difficulty.
Stars and Stripes (60) - Complete the US Campaign on Veteran difficulty.
Submarine Hunter-killer (20) - Destroy an enemy submarine with a submarine by using torpedoes.
Supply Line (5) - Use the support manager to successfully send up a plane or request a ship.
Surprise Attack (10) - Strafe all parked planes in Pearl Harbor.
Take No Prisoners (50) - Destroy every hostile unit in Battle of Santa Cruz on Veteran difficulty.
Tin Can Captain (15) - Sink 20 enemy ships with your destroyer by using torpedoes.
Trainkiller (10) - Destroy the train with the exploding refinery in Air raid against Indochina.
Turning Point (10) - Sink all US Carriers in the Invasion of Midway.
Under Cover of Darkness (10) - Win a night battle.
Underwater Hideout (10) - Discover the secret underwater cave of Sydney Harbor.
Victory Rush (30) - Win every Competitive, Duel, Escort and Siege map at least once.
War Room (10) - Host and play through 50 online sessions.
We're not finished yet! (20) - Sink an enemy ship while your ship is under 3% health.
Wrath of the Empire (50) - Participate in 100 online sessions as the Japanese.
Zero Damage (10) - None of the kamikaze planes should hit any of your ships during Divine Winds of Leyte.

Additionally, there are five Carrier Battle Map Pack DLC achievements:

Siege of Midway (20) - Win a Siege mission on Map 11.
The Protector (20) - Protect both carriers as the Japanese in Escort mode on Map 12.
Battleship Shutout (30) - Win 3 straight rounds without loss as the Japanese, in a battleship Duel on Map 13.
Northern Waves (30) - Win a large map sized Island Capture mission on Map 14.
The Survivalist (50) - Win a Competitive match without losing your submarine on Map 12.



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