Condemned 2: Bloodshot



Bum King (30 points): Survive Bum Rush match without firing a single shot as SCU 5 times in multi-player mode.
Can You Hear Me Now? (30 points): All oro speakers destroyed.
Chain Gang (30 points): Successfully execute each attack chain 5 times.
Chief Investigator (50 points): Complete all missions in Dev Challenge mode.
Collector (10 points): Successfully collect the evidence (as SCU) 5 times in Crime Scene mode in multi-player mode.
Decisive Restraint (25 points): Do not kill a single museum guard.
Defender (25 points): Successfully defend the evidence (as Infected) 10 times in Crime Scene mode in multi-player mode.
Detective (30 points): Complete a mission in FPS mode.
Detective - First Grade (50 points): Complete all missions in FPS mode.
Bloodshot (25 points): Complete missions 2, 3,4, 6, and 8 to unlock each new FC. Unlock all of them for this achievement.
EPA (Environmental Pwnage Area) (25 points): Successfully execute 25 environmental finishing moves.
Flambe (25 points): Take out 10 enemies with the flask/taser fire attack.
Gold-Plated (50 points): Get the Gold badge for all missions.
GOOOAAALLLL! (10 points): Take out 5 enemies with the foosball piece.
Investigator (25 points): Complete a mission in Dev Challenge mode.
Just The Facts (25 points): Crime Scene: Collect the evidence 10 times in multi-player mode.
Master Investigator (30 points): Earn the maximum amount of investigator points for all forensic sequences.
Magellan (25 points): Play each multi-player mode map 5 times.
A La Mode (25 points): Play 5 games in all multi-player modes.
MP Overachiever (50 points): Win a DM match (with at least 15 kills) without dying in multi-player mode.
The Plumber (25 points): Take out 50 enemies with the pipe.
Punch Drunk (10 points): Kill 10 players with fists only in multi-player mode.
Restraint… Not (30 points): Win as SCU without firing a shot 10 times in multi-player mode.
Rush Champ (25 points): Bum Rush: Eliminate the SCU 5 Times in multi-player mode.
Serial Killer (50 points): Kill 1000 players in multi-player mode.
SKX (50 points): Kill 9 unique players with the Serial Killer in multi-player mode.
Sleuth (10 points): Get a Perfect score in a Forensic Event.
Survivor King (30 points): Bum Rush: Survivor (SCU) 5 Times in multi-player mode.
Trooper (30 points): Complete all missions .
Tune In Tokyo (30 points): Collect all TVs in each mission.
Sidekick (10 points): Assist in scanning evidence in Crime-Scene mode in multi-player mode.
The Final Word (10 points): Complete first environmental finishing move.
Cut Throat (30 points): Perform 25 finishing moves in multi-player mode.








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