Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011

Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011


What Does Indy hate?
Hunt 50 snakes in Story Mode.

I Like Spicy Wings
Hunt 50 birds in Story Mode.

I See You
Hunt 30 animals while using the Hunter Sense in Story Mode.

Hair Away From Death
Narrowly escape death 20 times.

Lucky Number
Kill 7 Birds with one Shotgun shot.

Grizzly Defeat
Kill the Grizzly Bear boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

Rhino Defeat
Kill the Rhino boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

Steady Hand, Great Scope
Hunt an animal with the Rifle that is at least 50 yards away while using the Scope in Story Mode.

Bow In Front of Me
Hunt 20 animals with the Crossbow in Story Mode.

Kaftar Defeat
Kill the Kaftar boss without dying during the fight in Story Mode.

Adventure Over
Complete the Story Mode.

Collector’s Edition
Collect all Experience Items and shoot down all Marksman Targets in Story Mode.

Hidden Pages
Collect all Journal Pages in Story Mode.

Gallery Lover
Obtain a Bronze or better on all of the Shooting Gallery Classic levels.

Successfully play through all possible path combinations in both Trek Shooting Galleries.

Bonus Lover
Obtain and use every Power-Up type in any Shooting Gallery level.

Disarm 30 traps in Story Mode (bear traps or land mines).

I Will Survive
Survive Survival Shooting Gallery 1 (Night Fangs) for more than 7 minutes.

Combo Wizard
Get a 50 animal combo in any Shooting Gallery level.

Platinum Trophy
Get all trophies


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