The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorns Quest


No Friend of Goblins
Defeat 100 Goblins

No Friend of Orcs
Defeat 100 Orcs

No More Trolling
Defeat your first Hill-Troll

No Friend of Uruks
Defeat 100 Uruks

Middle-Earth Extermination
Defeat 1000 Enemies

You got it!
Perform an Icon Strike

You Been Working Out?
Perform 5000 sword swipes

Fun Guy
Complete Button Mushroom quest

Pest Control
Complete Crow Hunting quest

Expert in Lore
Collect all lore items

Middle-Earth Annihilation
Defeat 2500 Enemies

Oliphaunt Tamed!
Defeat 8 Oliphaunts

Bow Selector
Defeat 250 enemies with Bow

You’ve really got it
5 consecutive Icon Strikes

1000 silver coins acquired

Tree Hugger
Defend the Ent

Not By The Hand of Man
Defeat the Witch-king

Shoot the Messenger
Defeat the Mouth of Sauron

Which King?
Defeat the Witch-king without taking damage

A New Champion
Defeat the Uruk champion without taking damage

Rule Them All
Defeat Black Riders/Nazgul

Acquire all the upgrades

Stall Owner
All stalls 100% Complete

Child’s Play
Complete all the imaginary quests in the woods

The Fellowship
Collect all the Fellowship Tokens

Complete all the side quests

It Did Not Pass
Defeat the Balrog

The Key to the Shire
Complete the Shire

A True King
Game complete

Own Then All
All Trophies Collected