Finish mission

Snowball Unleashed
Finish mission

Saberling Offices
Finish mission

Central Computer
Finish mission

RDV Retreat
Finish mission

Distribution Center
Finish mission

Assembly Lines
Finish mission

Chip Manufacture
Finish mission

Finish mission

RDV Escape
Finish mission

FBI Infiltration
Finish mission

Locate The Real Saber
Finish mission

Rescue Saber
Finish mission

Satellite Maintenance
Finish mission

Finish mission

Plasma Gun Expert
Defeated 100 enemies with Plasma Gun

Cluster Rifle Expert
Deafeated 100 enemies with Cluster Rifle

Flame Thrower Expert
Defeated 100 enemies with Flame Thrower

Freeze Gun Expert
Defeated 100 enemies with Freeze Gun

Shot Bolter Expert
Defeated 100 enemies with Shot Bolter

Incendiary Charge Grenadier
Defeated 50 enemies with Incendiary Charges

RDV Pulse Cannon Expert
Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Pulse Cannon

RDV Homing Missile Expert
Defeated 50 enemies with RDV Homing Missiles

NanoHack Expert
Defeated 50 enemies using NanoHacked enemies

Big Spender
Spent more than 10000 Sabersense chips at kiosks

Combat Trainee
100 enemies defeated

Combat Expert
500 enemies defeated

Tooled-Up Agent
Purchased all new weapons and weapon upgrades (excluding ammo capacity)

Wealthy Agent
Accumulate more than 5000 Sabersense chips

G-Force Trainee
Completed game on Easy difficulty setting

G-Force Recruit
Completed game on Normal difficulty setting

G-Force Agent
Completed game on Hard difficulty setting

G-Force Special Agent
Complete the game on ‘Special Agent’ difficulty

Silver Data Disk Discoverer
Collected 50% (25) of all Silver Data Disks in the game

Master Agent
Fully upgraded character with all possible weapons and upgrades

Combat Veteran
1000 enemies defeated

Achieved an average hit rate of at least 80% with projectile weapons

Marching Agent
Walk more than 20km with Darwin

G-Force Wings
Fly more than 2km with Mooch

Intelligence Expert
Scan 100 items in the game

Distinguished Service Medal
Completed game twice

G-Force Rapid Response Agent
Completed game in under 8 hours (on any difficulty setting)

Silver Data Disk Expert
Collected 100% (50) of all Silver Data Disks in the game

100% Complete
You have unlocked every other trophy.