Suzuka English opening with correct lyrics

After searching the internet for correct English lyrics to the opinging song to Suzuka "Start Line", i was very much disapointed in what i found. None of the articles with the English Version of the song was correct. Susuka English version of the Anime was produced by Funimation, I first would like to say that i am a huge fan of Funimation and a applaud them for taking the time to actually translate and have the opening songs of some of their series redone in English. With that said, the downside to this is, they don't include sub-tittles to the English version of the song, leaving one to figure out what the true lyrics are at times. Which brings me to why i am even writing this article. All the articles that i found out there with the "so called" English lyrics were wrong. So here I am going to include the lyrics that i think is sang in English for the Suzuka opening song "Start Line".



Watching as your eyes, stare into the deep blue sky

I feel my heart, skip the beat when you move

you always know the right thing to say,

your feelings, hidden far away breath a little sigh (want to tell you why)

hold it deep in side

Hiding in the light

you always seemed so sure and strong,

but we were wrong you were afraid of losing everything in your life

I want to hold you closer to my heart

ill chase away all of your fears

tell you everything will be alright

starting line together

we'll rewrite this story

and to our tears we only say good bye

as we've a better future in the sky

and in my heart

your always close beside me

no matter how far you are away

we'll always be

never far away

always stay this close to me


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