Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles Review
Xenoblade Chronicles is one of the best games that have been introduced on WII platform. When you start playing this game, you will feel that this game lacks combat but as you move through the game, you will see that you were in a hurry because this game will give you tons of combat. The best feature is auto locking. You just need to point out the enemy and place your character. He will keep attacking the enemy as long as he remains in range. This feature helps you a lot in handling multiple tasks. Some players will take this auto attacking option negatively and will think that it helps the people will less skills but this is not the theme of this option. As you grow bigger in the game and progress through its levels, you will achieve certain strange powers that will give you some unique abilities to attack. Important thing to mention in this Xenoblade Chronicles Review is the social encouragement system and this has its own uniqueness. As you move in upper levels of the game, your characters will become stronger but the two of your characters will get more and more in love with each other. More closely they get, more skills they can equip top each other.
The usual routine of RPG is there and you need to complete certain quests to unlock new quests in same area. Talking to more and more people will add those people to the tree of relationship and this tree will help you to know more about particular town or city. Another very important thing that I would love to mention in this Xenoblade Chronicles Review  is the vast area that you can travel in the game. There are so many thing that you need to explore but the cool part is that you do not have any proper map. You will make your own map as you move along with the game. Your map will depend upon your exploration skills. There is more than 100 hours of gameplay recorded by players who have completed this game and this shows that how much exploration is there for you. Unlike other RPGs where you cannot go further back in initial levels without completing the whole game, this game allows you to travel throughout the game without any problem. You can come back in initial stages and clear the quests that you left due to their difficulty and lack of skills. Your characters will have gained lots of maturity and you will complete those quests easily that gave you tough time in start.
Another very important thing that I will tell you in Xenoblade Chronicles Review is the combat challenge. You will always get a good and proper challenge at every level. As I mentioned earlier that you can travel throughout the game easily but this does not mean that you will get easy combat challenges. There are mixed enemies at every level and you will always find a good challenging combat. When your character gains some maturity then, low level monsters will not attack you and this feature is the best one. This saves you from unnecessary battles that often waste lots of your time and give you nothing in return. In early stages you will also have this ability of seeing the future. During the cut scenes, you will be shown glimpse of the future characters and events that not have yet occurred. Once you are shown this glimpse the timer will start and during this time, you can create a strategy to avoid that attack or to defend yourself with some special shield.
Sometimes you will pick up some items that you will need in the future battles and for these items you will be shown glimpse of your partners talking about it that who needs it most. That particular item is always marked as a quest item to remind you that you cannot sell it or pass it to another party member.
In short you can say that this game is a complete package for people who love to play RPG. There are so many interesting and innovative options in this game that make it different from traditional RPGs. These features that I have mentioned above in this Xenoblade Chronicles Review are all the vital points of the game. You must try this game once and share your own opinion. You can also search internet for more positive and realistic reviews about this game and then you can decide better.


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