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The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review
When you talk about long series of walking dead then, you must know that this is not casual shooting game with lots of blood and violence instead this game is conceived very carefully and there is a very complex sot of storyline. There are some fascinating characters that speak lots of interesting dialogues throughout the game. You can also say that it is a well-directed zombie thriller and if you have a taste for zombies and you can face the long action sequences that are full of blood then, this game is perfect for you. Things that are worth mentioning in this The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review is compelling storyline, character shaping and the overall appearance of the game. There is lot of clarity in the whole understanding of the game and you enjoy the black and white story plots a lot. Even people will also love to have an option of going black and white throughout the game but developer has conceived the whole idea very carefully and inserted black and white comics very precisely. I will also tell you the difference between PC version and console version in this The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review. There is not any noticeable difference in storyline but the game play of PC version is lot smoother. The console version looks very dark even when you turn the in game brightness full and the camera itself is also an issue because it says too close and you cannot properly look at your surroundings.
The story will keep on changing its colors because all the storylines from past and present are mixed. You will enjoy some old lines of Lee Everett as well as the whole adventure will take you to the parts of rural Georgia. Other things that I will describe in The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review is related to character handling. Every character of the game is very well written and the voices are very original and individual. The overall gameplay is not very tough but it is very interesting that will not allow you to get up once you start. You can finish the storyline in one sitting of more than 3 hours. Lee has a questionable past as he has messed lots of things around by killing U.S. senator as well as going mad with his wife. His story along with his kid will give you good things to listen to. Although you will find out that the overall gameplay is of average quality but you need to explore certain points throughout the game. These places that you need to explore will also require you to gather some important things to move on in the story. The numeric configuration of action buttons is also worth mentioning in this The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review because in PC you use mouse with WASD combos and occasionally you can use numeric number pad to change your weapons and killing style.
The conversations during the action sequences will give you mainly two options. Either you can blow someone’s head wildly or you can make it nice and easier. You can also become tough for someone who just leaves you in the hard times or you can cope up with a sharp shooting girl with a hope that she will also save you at some point. The main theme of the conversations is to make friends or make enemies. Quick-time action sequences are even better because they give you a chance to get close to zombie champs. You just get seconds to make the choice of crushing a zombie’s head or getting a dead man’s teeth out and if you do not make any choice then, you will be lying dead on the floor in no time.
Surprise attacks are also worth mentioning in The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review because surprise attacks are so quick that you merely get time to react before teeth comes snoring down your throat. As you practice more, you get used to these attacks and you can deal with these attacks in a good way. You can say that overall The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review is a very interactive game. It is more of a story than a shooting game and you just need to spend 3-4 quality hours at the game to go through the whole story. I will give this game 8 out of ten because it is off to a cruising start. You can also look for more The Walking Dead: Ep 1 Review and it will give you more deeper thoughts about the game.



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