Starhawk Review: The Ultimate Experience
If you expect that starhawk should be related to warhawk somehow then, you are mistaken because warhawk will take you to a whole new level. The whole gaming approach, environment setting and other combat expressions have been modified and made lot more controlled. It is lot different than a usual and traditional third person shooting game. In this starhawk review, I will tell you all of the important things that developers have done in this game. First of all you must notice the addition of extra science fiction moves that you can implement in this game. You can tear down whole buildings and your combat zones are lot more expanded. You can show action moves on ground, in space as well as in different very tough situations. The story of the campaign starts when you become an old mercenary who takes up a mission called gig. The story will be narrated to you with well created animated effects and you will thoroughly understand the whole screenplay. The whole environment of warhawk will give you a good impression that you are in this battle to win. There are things that you can learn and do throughout the game.
As you start clearing mutated humans, you will learn the art of basic combat but as the game moves on speed of the combat changes and everything will become fast and advanced. The good thing that I must mention in this starhawk review is that you can change the gears of your combat zone at your own. Your enemies will be as advanced as you are in your combat skills. There is no hard and fast difficulty levels mentioned in the game but things will start to get fast and tough for you once you start gaining experience and skills of combat. There are very precise and timed indicators that will tell you about different features of your enemies and you will know in advance that which enemies are coming from which direction. That helps you to be prepared for dealing with those enemies. Again I will mention in this Starhawk Review that this whole game is developed with a certain methodology and this whole methodical feeling makes it a stand out game.
The easy to learn gameplay of this game is also worth mentioning in this starhawk review because with just one press of triangle button you will have a whole list of your assets from which you can choose and release the button to get that building on ground provided you can afford it. The walls and barriers can be kept intact with little care so that you can use these walls to protect yourself against enemies. There are depots, watch towers and similar other things that give you new target positions and you can observe your enemies a lot better. Use of vehicles is also very important in the game and especially if you are used to play fast and fascinating combat sequences then, you must use some good vehicles during combat. There are swift bikes available that can take you away from the explosion area very quickly and similarly in all those buildings that you tear down, you will get many attractive and beautiful vehicles that you can always use. You can also avail jetpacks that give you temporary flying ability but most of the times skies belong to titular hawks.
Another important thing that I must mention in this starhawk review is that you can play around with all of the above mentioned options and combat techniques but you need to choose your layout of combat skills very precisely and according to the level. Every level will need different kinds of skills and strategies from your end. Although the whole game is beautifully organized and made for single player experience but multiplayer environment is not that much precise and perfect. You need very strong team communication to solve everything during multiplayer mode otherwise if you are at your own then, things can get messy around you very quickly. You cannot set a waypoint or enter a rapid command to communicate with your team. Voice chat is the only option that can save you from getting into trouble during multiplayer mode. In the end, I will say that you can read lot more starhawk review on internet but I will give this game 7 points out of 10 for single player mode and 5 out of 10 for multiplayer mode. You can enjoy this game alone but you cannot enjoy the true multiplayer experience in this game.


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