MLB 12 The Show

MLB 12 The Show Review
When you talk about different ground sports in video games then, you will see that Sony has got a great record for these sports games. The show is also a similar series that displays some fantastic looking MLB. The new MLB 12 features some extraordinary features of this sport and it has been made very close to the real sport. The show gives you a perfect feeling of playing baseball and the pitching mechanism is also very accurate in this version. Although I will mention in this MLB 12 The Show Review that mastering this game will take lots of your time but you can still enjoy the basic play of this game. The most important enhancement is been made to pitching and hitting mechanism. Pitching has been made lot more accurate and there is no pitching meter displayed on the screen this time. New pulse pitching system has been introduced and you will see a pulsating circle on the screen.
This pulsating circle will determine the accuracy of your throw. Bigger the circle, less accurate your pitch will be and smaller the circle more precise pitch it will be. You need to release the pitch with very precise timing otherwise your pitch will be always less accurate. The control with come after practice and once you get that control, you will start enjoying the show. Once your pitch is less accurate, it will be tough for you to make an accurate throw. Similar to the pitching system, the batting system is also modified and i would gladly like to tell you in this MLB 12 The Show Review that this new batting system is lot improved and  it gives you lot more options for striking the ball neatly. There is a full zone analog system and this system allows the batter to make more clean and controlled strikes.
You can adjust the strike zone by moving the left analogue stick and then you will get better opportunity to strike the pitches that come in your strike zone. You will be able to aim more precisely and hit with more confidence when the ball is in your strike zone. You can keep changing your strike zone or you can keep it constant throughout the match. The new pitching system that I have described above in MLB 12 The Show Review is little tough to grasp but once you get the feeling of perfect pitch then, you get used to strike out and it will be all fun for you. As far as new batting system is concerned, not many people will enjoy this system because it needs some quick and timely responses to pick your spot.
There are similar attractive game modes available as there always have been in the show. The headliner road is better of all times and it gives you better career approach than traditional career mode. As the game has evolved, so is the player customization menu. There are more options of customization as well as of skill improvement. You need to focus, develop your skills gradually and be productive constantly to get a shot in bigger leagues but you will be an important member of your club from day one. There is a full new mode added in the show MLB 12 and this mode is named as diamond dynasty. In this mode, you will take on a team of customizable players that you can choose, customize and train. With this team, you can improve player’s skills and make them a better team of players. With this team, you can compete against CPU as well as other human players. The cash reward will vary depending upon the difficulty level, your own skills and other similar aspects.
Overall I will say that MLB 12 the show is a great sport game to play on PS3 but there are certain things that still need improvement. It is a great game for people who already know and have played baseball in some form but for rookies and starters, this will not help a lot. You need to know the basics of the game before you can start progressing through the game modes. This is my own review of the game and after playing you can have your own opinion. You may find certain features helpful that I may have ignored. So just play the game once. You can search for more MLB 12 The Show Review but make sure that other’s opinion matter to some extent and you need to make your own opinion.


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