Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite
If you are looking for another bioshock rapture sequel then, you will not get it precisely because bioshock infinite is somewhat different that its old sequel. In this bioshock infinite preview, I will tell you some important features of the game that you can also experience in its demo but the full version will be a game to play. The skies of Columbia are made blue but there is no relaxing summer kind of environment in Columbia at the moment. There are two equally powerful forces emerging from the scene and both have quiet opposite belief and ideas. There are traditionalist right wing people and then there is another group rising called populist. There is a sense of insecurity in the whole environment of the game and even when you are sitting behind closed doors and huge buildings but you will feel that sooner or later things will go wrong around you.
The thing to mention in bioshock infinite preview is the consistency of this whole environment because creating this kind of mesmerizing and full of threat environment is not an easy task by any means. Although the looks of the game will not tell you the real quality of the game because there are calm blue skies and then there are lots of propellers and balloons. All of these things are part of that look that makes sure that you are watching Columbia in early 20th century. There are some bright and colorful places to explore but at the same time, you will come across some darkest areas of the city that you have never imagined. You will be playing again as booker di wett who is a notoriously famous agent and he is been hired by some secret organization for rescuing somebody lost in Columbia. The person you will rescue will become your partner for rest of the game and her name is Elizabeth. She will be your emotional partner as well as he will allow you to build new systems in the game. You can say that she will be there for you in your quiet times as well as in the times when you need someone the most.
When you set the action switch off then, she will just run along, exploring the markets and finding things that she can use to get her mind off her awful past experiences. The main rescuing part of Elizabeth from songbird makes her tearful and emotional. The tension grows as we move further into the game. There are elements working against us in the city and there are propaganda posters everywhere. The guards will see you and will raise his middle finger in front of you but the good thing is, he will eventually let you pass. You will also see some scene like someone is being executed in middle of the street and you have to stand against it. Although in demo, you will not see the choice of passing by it quietly but that will be an interesting choice to make in full version. Letting it go is more of a real world choice that must be there in the full version of the game. Another thing to take notice in bio shock infinite preview is that you will come inside a gunfire and action sequence without a clue. There will be rockets being fired and gunshots being hit but you just have to be silent at times and let everything pass.
When action sequences start, you will see a different version of Elizabeth altogether. She becomes fearless and very helpful in the cause. She is also blessed with the ability to play with space time and this feature makes it more dynamic to feel. Without playing the complete version and full action sequences, you cannot tell properly about quality of combat styles and combat zones but from watching the demo, you can say that there are improvements being implemented. There are some very entertaining scenes as well and then there are some very fascinating combat zones and action sequences. Playing the demo only just game me this much knowledge about the game and I hope this bioshock infinite preview is enough to tell you that you should not waste a single second wen this games gets out in the full version. The full version will be a complete thriller and an entertaining game altogether. Like the old times of bioshock, bioshock infinite will also make his name in the roleplaying action games. This is all from bioshock infinite preview and will see you with review of the games when it is launched.


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