Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City Review: An Exciting Adventure Game
Hundreds of adventure games are launched every year but there are few games that always stick with your mind and you cannot stop yourself from playing those again and again. Batman akraham city is just that kind of game that will force you to play it again and again. In this batman Arkham city review I will tell you all of its adventurous features and I will also demonstrate how fascinating its overall gameplay is. It all started back in 2009 when batman Arkham asylum became the bestselling game of 2009. It was a complete package of entertainment and although many stories have mentioned Gotham city as their model city but when Gotham was created and imagined in this game, it got new heights.
Batman akraham city starts when you are facing the intoxicating environment of north Gotham, an area which is specifically reserved for all the mobs of the city. The thing that is worth mentioning in this batman akraham city review is your struggle to bring some peace and order to the city. You will fail several times because it is almost a chaos everywhere and you have to make your way from hundreds of hurdles. You will save so many innocent victims of those who are always looking to disturb peace of the city. The combat is matchless and atmosphere is electrifying throughout the game. You will explore lots of secret quests as you progress through the game and it increases the overall thrill.
It is winter time in the city when you start playing it and snow is falling in the streets. The usual silence of north area is there because the story is linked to arkham asylum where a prison break changed the state of entire city. Some toxic characters took advantage of that situation and took control of north area. The streets and business places are all silent and only criminals march down these streets. This all leads to making of one hero and that is you. Although the area is made of several adjacent block and you can roam throughout this big prison. You will find crime everywhere and your job is to fight against that crime and get to its source. While you roam in these streets of north Gotham, joker is dying with a disease and he is seeking a secret cure. There is a lot more variety in explosives and other toys that batman is familiar with. In the previous version, these options were pretty limited but here in this thrilling sequence, you get lot more choice. You have your remote electric chargers that can make your enemy senseless and he will swing his tools on other thugs around him. Similarly you have explosive gels and similar other toys that can make you lot more unpredictable against your foes.
Another very important aspect of the game that I will mention in this batman arkham city review is that you can learn the combat very fast. There is an option of opening the tutorials related to every combat. You can open these tutorials during any instance of the game. If you do not grasp some particular moves of the combat then, you can see the keys of that particular combat command on screen. This feature really helps you to be an expert of combat skills. There is an addition of quick firing gadgets in the combat menu and a skilled player can benefit from these new gadgets a lot. Although batman has been given lots of things but thugs are also equipped with lots of fire power and the best option for batman is to use stealth ability as much as he can. By keeping yourself hidden, you will be able to knock lot more enemies. It will also help you reduce your damage and increase your skills.
As you win battles against thugs, you will gain experience points and these experience points will also increase your skill level. You can upgrade your weapons, suits and all the combat toys that you have. You can carry lot more stuff in higher levels. These upgrades are designed very precisely and you feel very rewarded when these upgrades come. You can read lot more batman akraham city reviews on internet but you will generally find these reviews very entertaining. Overall I will give this game 9 points out of 10 and if you have not played it yet then, you must play this super adventurous game.


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